Are There ANY Fast Ways to Lose Fat?

…And I will say “Yes!”  

…there are stress-free fast ways to lose fat and excess weight despite what what you may think!  This is just one of the questions I’m asked on weight and fat loss. 

These questions are mostly from people who have struggled for years to achieve their ideal weight and have seen the fantastic results I’ve achieved and want to know how I’ve done it!

I don’t have any secret fast ways to lose fat and excess pounds – what I recommend is do-able and enjoyable too…

These starvation diets left me exhausted, sickly and looking awful.  All the suffering was for nothing because after I started to eat normally again, my weight just piled back on again!  

I was caught in a depressing cycle but, fortunately, I did find out what really works and I’m now enjoying a slim body and good health! 

These Fast Ways To Lose Fat Can Help Anybody

Getting as much help as possible cannot be underestimated because unfortunately 3 out of 4 people will never manage to keep their fat and weight levels constant.  That’s a depressing statistic…

Anybody who has had their weight pile back on will know what I am talking about here…

If you are serious about keeping your fat and weight at low levels permanently then I recommend you need to get as much help as possible so you succeed.

Succeeding with an intentional weight loss method is more likely with support and the right attitude.

Numerous studies have proved that!  (see this The Mayo Clinic article on how a positive attitude helps with many issues including trying to lose weight.)

This is why this little gadget is so helpful…

The Fitbugwill become your best buddy when you’re struggling to maintain the motivation and battling with constant temptations.


What is the Fitbug?

Fitbug (or we’ll call it the Bug here!) is a small devise which you carry around with you during the day.  The Bug is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket and it has a strap which can be attached to your wrist or waist band.

Fitbug is your own health and fitness coach. The Bug helps you achieve your daily goal while slowly increasing these goals.

Tell the Bug your goals each week, and your personalised activity and diet target will be sent to you, calculated to suit YOUR goals and YOUR metabolism.

Here’s how it works:

1. Your Bug will record everything you do during the day while you have it with you. Check this record against your daily activity targets.

2. Connect your Bug to your computer and send Fitbug your achievements in seconds.

3. View your progress online. Check out your food and calorie records, get feedback, advice and encouragement from other Bug members (this is very helpful!)

4. The realistic weekly activity, tasty menus and dietary targets are do-able and increase gently to suit your needs.  That means you are slowly increasing the speed with which you are losing weight but you will never be uncomfortable with this and remember, you are in control all the time. 

Fast Ways to Lose Fat with The Bug

The Fitbug is available in 2 options.

The Fitbug guides you on right food to lose weight by sending you information and advice on the good foods you should be eating.  

The Fitbug will become your new best friend and gives you fast ways to lose fat and weight which are achievable. All is geared towards helping you to achieve what you’re looking for = a slimmed down body and low weight.

This body mass index calculator which will help you find the ideal weight for your height.   Remember, that a BMI calculator is only a guide – 
your lifestyle, body shape and age also plays a part.  You should also speak to your health practitioner for further guidance before starting and program.

After you have worked out how much weight you need to lose, then you must look at how you are going to lose the weight.

Stop Snacking and Cheating with This Easy Trick!

Did you know that research has shown that food cravings activate the same circuits of the brain as alcohol and drug cravings?  

That means you must short circuit those urges … let me show you how with this easy technique…

– Instead of telling yourself that you “must not eat that cookie” (which probably won’t last) say to yourself “I might not eat this cookie NOW.” 

– Keep busy going about your normal chores for another 10 minutes or longer …

– Then say the same phrase to yourself again “I might not eat this cookie NOW.”  By doing this over and over you will find you manage to control and delay your cravings …

How does this work?
By delaying the decision to snack, you are constantly weakening the reward circuits in your brain. 

By continuing this delaying process you will eventually lose interest in that snack and probably won’t cheat at all!  

Neat hey?

If lack of will power is a major problem for you then try this trick, you will find it works really well with your FitBug! 🙂

So, armed will neat tactics like this, you also need to learn to eat the right foods – this is essential.

Eat fat burning foods to speed up your metabolism is the best way to reduce body fat because they help your body to work more efficiently and provide healthy fast ways to lose fat and weight. 

I urge you to continue to try to lose your excess weight and body fat – it is SO worth it! This information from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with statistics shows that the US is in the middle of a very serious obesity epidemic.  This Western obesity problem is costing families dearly both financially and emotionally.  But the good news is that YOU are making sure that you are not one of the obese army who risk an early death.  

There are fast ways to lose fat and manage your weight which will help you to succeed – keep up the motivation and beat your weight problem.

Read more on the fast ways to lose fat and weight which I have put together to help you achieve a slim, healthy and happy life.  😉


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