The Best Way To Reduce Body Fat?

I’m often asked what’s the best way to reduce body fat.

My friends remember what I used to look like when I was overweight with unattractive body fat which made me utterly miserable. They are pretty impressed at how good I’m now looking and often ask how I’ve done it?  

They think I’ve had surgery or starved myself.  The truth is that it’s been an enjoyable painfree experience once I found what really worked!

The Best Way to Reduce Body Fat in My Experience? 

After making many mistakes over the years I’ve finally found out what’s the best way to reduce body fat.  I have won my huge battle with my weight problems and got rid of  my huge butt, flabby stomach and fat hips.  

… but I must admit it has not always been an easy road …  

Along the way I’ve made plenty of fatloss mistakes but I’ve learnt valuable lessons on what works for me and what is a waste of time!  … and just as important, I’ve discovered how to achieve a healthy, good looking body and keep my excess body fat to a minimum!

These Steps are Important

1.    Eat a healthy, balanced diet:

Men should eat 2500 calories and women 2000 calories daily.  With food the best way to reduce body fat is by cutting back on fried food, burgers and take away meals, white bread, cakes, cookies, sugary cola drinks and go easy on the alcohol!

Replace destructive junk foods with whole foods like: oats, beans, nuts, vegetables, lean meat, olive oil, fruit, low fat milk and drink plenty of water.  

Try to eat a balanced diet for 6 days a week.  On the 7th day you can “treat” yourself to what you want like a burger and fries if that is your thing.  A word of warning, don’t go too crazy on your day off, you don’t want to undo all your hard work!

It is important to resist the temptation of going on a fad diet – these always make headlines every year.   Sure, a fad diet will lead to weight loss but it will only be temporary fat loss.   Your body fat will pile back on as soon as you start to eat normally again!  Fashionable fad diets and a starvation diet is definitely not the best way to lose body fat and keep it off. 

2.    Do cardiovascular exercise:

Combining exercise with a balanced diet is the best way to reduce body fat.

Cardio exercise like running, walking, swimming, cycling or yoga – in fact, any exercise that increases your heart rate is good.  Increasing your heart rate will take oxygen to your organs and burn calories faster and will also give you that feel good feeling. 

3.    Do strength and weight training:

Unfortunately, many women think they will get huge muscles if they do weight training.  Men already know that this will not happen. Women need not be worried, strength training will only strengthen muscles so that faster and more efficient calorie burning takes place.

If you have low muscle mass then you are limiting your body’s ability to burn calories which will mean it will take you longer to lose body fat. 

Is Reducing Calories the Best Way to Reduce Body Fat?

The answer to this is a BIG NO!

Don’t be tempted to only reduce calories without exercising.  You will only end up very disappointed with your slow progress.  Including moderate exercise into your daily routine is vital and without a doubt the best way to reduce body fat.

Not everybody wants to do energetic gym workouts, take up karate or do ultra-marathons…but moderate exercise is necessary.

This is The Best Way to Reduce Body Fat

what is the best way to reduce body fatMost people who have large amounts of body fat need help to get rid of their body fat and lose weight. 

It’s real hard staying on track without support when everybody around you is eating and drinking what they want and being lazy and inactive.  

It’s not much fun doing any fat loss routine on your own, let’s face it, it sucks!

Get Rid of Your Inferiority Complex

Good weight loss programs like Fat Burning Furnace is what you need to achieve your fat loss goals and start to enjoy good looks and a healthy lifestyle.

You are not the only person who has had problems trying to reduce their body fat. Fat Burning Furnace has already helped hundreds of people just like you.

Not only do you get good, sound advice but you will also get good support.
Being the only one in the home/at work or in your social circle who is trying to lose weight is a real lonely place to be – believe me I know!

I have found that the benefits of being on Fat Burning Furnace is well worth the effort which goes into trying to look good and improve my health.  

After you have reached your desired weight and achieved a firm and attractive muscle tone then all you need to do is eat a sensible diet and continue doing moderate, regular exercise.  The right type of regular exercise will speed up your metabolism to burn excess calories and keep you firm and trim.

If you find your body fat starts to sneak back up then don’t panic or get depressed. Go and get advice and support from your Fat Burning Furnace program till your weight is back to where you want it to be.

THIS is an Important Place to be on Your Journey

best way to reduce body fat

This means that you will start to manage your weight and fat loss yourself.  

This is a good, positive place to be and it will give you an important psychological boost. Enjoy this milestone – it means YOU are in control!

Knowledge is Power!

After realising that you can lose the extra weight then you will notice that you start to enjoy life again, you will have a good self image and you will have lost your negative inferiority complex.

To help your body to work efficiently these basics must be applied:

  • reduce your calorie intake by around 300 – 500 calories a day
  • do regular cardio and strength training which targets your problem areas

You too can succeed with this – the best way to reduce body fat by combining a reduced calorie diet with cardio and strength training. 

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