Exercise to Lose Fat Legs and Butt Flab

Now is the time to start doing exercise to lose fat legs and thighs – well before that special occasion or beach vacation. 

Let’s face it – who doesn’t feel intimidated by TV, magazines and movies showing beautiful women with perfect bodies.  (We know that most of these pics are air brushed but that doesn’t help our bad self image does it?)

Before you get too hung up on your self image after reading about those “beautiful people”, remember that you can also get a boost to your ego and enjoy great health by doing regular exercise to lose fat legs, thighs and body fat.  

  • Your heart rate will improve and strengthen your heart muscle to build a stronger heart
  • You will have a faster metabolism for help burning off body fat

First up, I need to remind you that exercising without watching what you eat will mean you will take much longer to achieve your goals… 

For a faster result, combine regular exercise to lose fat legs and body fat with a calorie controlled diet – nothing too strict – try to cut down on the bad foods.   If you eat properly and exercise regularly, you will see faster results, which will do wonders for your motivation and self esteem! 🙂

Recommended Exercise to Lose Fat Legs and Thighs

Doing regular exercise to lose fat legs and body fat will: 

1.    Help you to lose layers of fat around your leg muscles, butt and hips.

2.    Build up lean muscle mass so you achieve a toned and firm stomach and legs.  You will NOT build large muscles.

3.    Have fun while exercising!  If you are enjoying yourself you are more likely to stick at it.

Cardio – the Perfect Solution for Fat Legs 

Any type of cardio exercise such as fun aerobic dancing, running, brisk walking, swimming, rowing, cycling, yoga or even stair-walking is perfect for slimming down fat legs and butt fat.   Start off by doing cardio exercise for at least 20 – 30 minutes, 3 times a week.   Have rest days in between so that your body can recover from the vigorous exercise.  When you get fitter you can exercise every day which will give you faster results.

So where is the fun, you ask?  

…and here is the FUN!  

The Brazil Butt Lift and Fat Burning Furnace are fun, cardio exercise programs which targets female leg and body fat.  

Both Fat Burning Furnace and the Brazil Butt Lift also give advice on the right food to lose weight so you keep your slim legs and sexy body.  

The Brazil Butt Lift shows you how to:

  • firm and slim down your fat butt
  • exercise your thighs and legs
  • lose your fat hips
  • gain a sexy butt 

Also included is advice on how to stay looking good! 

If you are serious about sorting yourself out and gaining a firm beach body then this is for you.  

Maybe this happens to you?

Whenever I’m exercising I always think “Why, oh why, don’t I do this more often? I feel great!”
This is so often the case, isn’t it?  Motivation is what many of us need – huge, massive doses of motivation!

My motivation to continue exercising is knowing that I look real good when I see myself in the mirror! … my sexy, firm, healthy and good looking body and My Man’s reaction is what keeps me going…!

If you haven’t tried an exercise program before to tackle those problem areas then I recommend you start one, you will feel great.

Strength Training Exercise To Lose Fat Legs

exercise to lose fat legsStrength training will firm up a flabby butt, fat hips and leg muscles. 

Weights, running machines and resistance machines in gyms are excellent machines for building up cardio ability.  Use leg machines to work your inner and outer thighs, calves and hips.

You don’t have to join a gym, however, you can do any simple exercise to lose fat legs, thighs and hips at home. For example, walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator, learn to do leg lifts, lunges, leg squats and wall sits – all are easy to do on your own.

Eat the Right Foods 

When doing any type of exercise, you should also eat the right foods otherwise you will find it so much harder to achieve the results to want.

TIP:  Make sure you burn off MORE calories than you eat by doing the right types of exercises. 

If you want to see even quicker results reduce your calorie intake by between 200 – 300 calories a day.  (The recommended daily calorie intake for men is 2500 and women is 2000 calories.)

  • Cut down on sugar, cakes, cookies, alcohol, processed meals and fast food.   Sugar causes your body to produce too much insulin which will make you hungry and tempt you into eating more food, more often.   (Does this cycle sound familiar?)
  • Cut out saturated fats and replace these with unsaturated fats like olive oil.
  • Choose healthier complex carbohydrates instead of cakes and white bread.
  • Eat small servings of pasta and whole whole grain foods
  • Eat large servings of dark green vegetables, tomatoes, citrus fruit and other fruits high in water content
  • Don’t stop drinking milk.  This is a mistake many dieters make.  Your metabolism needs calcium to work efficiently.  Drink low fat milk instead of full cream milk.

Whatever you decide to do to lose your fat legs and body fat remember that you will regain lost confidence, enjoy good health and great looks.   

So girls, start now on any type of exercise to lose fat legs, chubby hips and your fat butt and start to enjoy good health and a great life!  😉 

Have a look here at these simple ways to boost energy levels.

4 Responses to “Exercise to Lose Fat Legs and Butt Flab”

  1. Fatty legs gone says:

    I have suffering with extra fat around my thighs for years and you have helped me to make a positive change. I like your comments. thanks.

  2. losefat says:

    So pleased that I could help you to lose weight on your thighs and legs “Fatty legs gone” (I hope you don’t call yourself that anymore?)

    Thanks for getting back to me.



  3. Gabby Smith says:

    Yea, your article connected with me, I was real depressed about my butt and hips but now feel good since starting the butt lift. I can already see a difference.thanks.

    • admin says:

      So pleased you got started Gabby AND you’re winning!

      A negative self image is so destructive. Taking action is so important and you did that, well done.

      Warm wishes


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