How to get rid of arm fat and firm up

Learning how to get rid of arm fat or prevent arm fat from forming is a common problem for many women.  

If you are like me, then I am sure you have often felt helpless and wondered if you could ever have firm attractive arms again?  I used to think my fat upper arms were hideous and was embarrassed especially in summer when I wanted to wear sleeveless tops or dresses.  

If  you also want to find out how to get rid of arm fat because you also have the same issues with flabby fat arms then let me tell you now that there are ways to firm up those flabby upper arms.  Reducing arm fat is achievable!


My Story B.A.F. (before arm fat)

I am willing to bet that you were also far more active and had a quicker metabolism when you were young and didn’t have fat arms?

This is what happened to me…when I was young, my hobby was screen printing and it involved lifting a lot of heavy wooden screens.  Those screens gave my arms a workout a few times a week and the result was my arms looked wonderfully slim and toned.  The problem is when I stopped my printing hobby I noticed that my arms started to lose their firmness and became fat and saggy! 

No kidding you, this was a huge reality check for me.   This was the proof!

Obviously, regular arm exercises was keeping my arms looking firm and slim.  Fortunately, I quickly put a stop to that saggy look by starting to do arm exercises.   I’m pleased with the results and now exercise regularly.  My weight has dropped and my overall muscle tone has improved – my flabby arms are now a dim memory. 🙂

So, through personal experience, I know that sagging fat arms is caused by an increase in body weight and a lack of exercise. Does that sound like your situation?

The solution?  You need to learn how to get rid of arm fat by doing the correct arm exercises.  Finding exercises which you enjoy is important because exercising can be boring…until I found ChaLEAN…

This Is How To Get Rid Of Arm Fat

I have found the ChaLEAN exercise program targets the upper arms and other body fat centers.   
ChaLEAN workout program firms and tones the upper arms, breasts, gut and thighs.

What makes ChaLEAN so effective? 

  • ChaLEAN targets arm and body fat and will not build large muscles.
  • ChaLEAN gets rid of arm fat, firms up ugly fat backs, chubby hips, slack breasts, flabby gut muscles and fat thighs.  
  • ChaLEAN does not build massive muscles.  
  • ChaLEAN firms and tones.
  • ChaLEAN is ideal to use in the privacy of your own home if you are self conscious about other people watching you exercise.

These are important factors to consider when you’re looking for solutions for your fat arms because the wrong type of arm exercises can build large, heavy arm muscles. 

What do you get with ChaLEAN?

  • You’ll get all the support tools you need – 15 DVDs + workout calendar guide
  • Plus you will also get these 5 Free gifts – worth $120.00


  1. AB BURNER to shrink and tone your tummy muscles
  2. EXTREME ABS – Targeted ab routine for a firm body
  3. FAT-BURNING FOOD GUIDE showing you what to eat to gain maximum benefit
  4. PRO-GRADE RESISTANCE BAND to tone muscles with faster fat burning
  5. THIGH TONER BAND for lower-body resistance training


Fat and sagging arm muscles are very common in overweight and older people especially women. 

Lose of muscle tone occurs as we get older.  However, sagging muscles are very noticeable on the upper arms or triceps muscles.  This loss of muscle tone is more noticeable in overweight people who lose weight without exercising their arms.

Women tend to get sagging upper arms more than men.    🙁   Grim, I know, but it’s reality girls! Even celebrities like Opray Winfrey struggle with this particular fat problem. It is an inevitable result of aging when not exercising properly.

Can’t wait – you want to look slimmer now?

This is very common … you have started exercising and eating properly and your motivation is sky rocketing.  But, there is one problem … you want slim arms and a lovely slim body NOW!

Does this sound familiar? 

The Kumaro body shaper will make you look slim immediately.  Kumaro body shapers come in different styles and will give you a slim outline from the minute you put it on.  

You’ll also get bonuses like a free cami and bottom shaper shorts to target the hips and butt area.


It is better to lose your arm and body fat by exercising and eating sensibly but a body shaper can improve your self esteem and help make an IMMEDIATE difference to the way you look and feel.   

ChaLEAN and the Kymaro body shaper can be used together and will help you to look good while working on your upper arm fat. 

Use These For Stubborn Upper Arm Fat

When you learn how to get rid of arm fat remember that effective exercises will improve your overall muscle tone and firm up your whole body and improve your appearance. 

Both cardio exercises and weight training is good for improving and maintaining overall body muscle, however, you should look at specific exercise programs which will tone the upper arm area.

Get a set of good quality dumbbells to use at home  You MUST continue exercising those upper arms to make sure you lose the flabby bags.

Try these arm exercise routines using free weights.  

Start off with small, light weights of 1-2 lbs per arm and gradually work up to heavier weights.

How to get rid of arm fat with tricep extensions:

– Hold a single dumbbell with both hands, lift above head and slowly lower dumbbell behind head. 
– Keep elbows close to side of head.
– Repeat 5-10 times, rest and repeat.

how to get rid of arm fat with weights

Backwards lifts: 

– Hold a dumbbell in each hand with legs apart.
– With arms straight, squat with thighs parallel to the floor.
– Bring dumbbells between legs and stand pulling dumbbells up to the shoulder. 
– Slowly lift arms backwards as far as you can go. 
– Hands must face backwards with elbows out.
– Repeat 5-10 times, rest and repeat.

how to ger rid of arm fat with dumbbell squats

A good gym instructor can also teach you how to get rid of arm fat using a rowing machine and elliptical machine if you prefer to use gym machines.

  If you like using weights at home then dumbbell sets like these in 3 weight ranges will be ideal. 

Dumbbells are ideal for firming up abs, upper and lower arms.

How to Get Rid of Arm Fat by Eating Correctly

While learning how to get rid of arm fat you need to eat a balanced diet because getting rid of arm fat is the same as trying to get rid of any body fat.   Move the muscles underneath the fat, eat sensibly and the fat will drop off.   I do not think it is necessary to get involved in a strict diet.  

Look around, most people with flabby fat arms also have excess body fat.

Try to eat a healthy diet containing the right type of food to lose weight and exercise regularly and you will find it results in an overall loss of body fat and improved muscle tone.

HINT: Use this chart to record your activity when working towards your new slim arms and body.  

Handy weekly activity goals chart


What Now?

Try to exercise regularly and maintain your healthy lifestyle after you have learnt how to get rid of arm fat and regained your attractive slim arms. 🙂

Lose 3 pounds a week and stay slim!

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  1. amr tarek says:

    you explain how to get rid of arm fat very well. Reckon more should listen to you!

    Thanks for the valuable information.

  2. Michelle Anderson says:

    Found these exercises are helping, bless you,

    The dumbbells I bought are perfect so thanks. My arms are feeling firmer and look better already.

    • admin says:

      Good news Michelle! I have the same dumbbells and have found the range of weights are good for other exercises besides getting rid of arm fat. Keep it up remember!

      Warm regards


  3. Pam McClure says:

    i have wanted to be slim and attractive all my life and failed & been miserable.
    i am now on yr fat burnin program and my arms are firmer & i have lost body fat! Yea, for the first time in my life i feel attractive. thx

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