Lose 3 pounds a week and stay slim

To successfully lose 3 pounds a week, every week till you have reached your desired weight AND keep it off is a dieters dream.

Everybody wanting to lose weight would love to know that they can get rid of those extra pounds whenever they need to!  Unfortunately, speed up your metabolism to lose 3 pounds a weekits not always so easy for some people, is it?

I have great news though because in my experience it is possible to lose 3 pounds a week by planning what you eat and sticking to a routine. Managing to sucessfully lose 3 pounts a week is achievable for most people, you don’t have to have any particular ability or talent to achieve this level of weight loss success, you just need to use the correct technique and stick at it!

With weight loss the real challenge is managing to speed up the body’s metabolism to such a level that you don’t regain the lost weight when you start your normal routine again.

An important point which should always be remembered when trying to lose weight is that starvation diets do not work in the long term so don’t be tempted to try and starve yourself into losing weight.  

Sure, if you starve yourself you will lose weight and inches in the beginning, however, you will regain that lost weight (plus extra) when you start to eat and live normally again.  It’s a sure recipe for disappointment and despairand is just not worth doing!

What is more the extreme stress which a starvation diet puts the body under is extreme:

  • Hair will become dull and stringy
  • Eyes and skin will look dry, unhealthy and sallow
  • Outbreaks of spots and pimples are common
  • Breath will smell putrid with bad halitosis!
  • The immune system is weakened making the body more susceptible to colds and other illnesses
  • Danger of permanent damage being inflicted on the major organs of the body especially the heart

It really is not worth putting the body through the extreme stress of a starvation diet.  It is far better to use safe methods to lose those unwanted pounds.

Can You Lose 3 Pounds a week over the next 6 weeks?

  The range of natural Swedish Diet products are perfect for anybody who wants to lose between 1 – 3 pounds a week.

The Swedish Diet provides all the nutrients your body needs to get through the day and lose up to 3 pounds a week.  

Anybody doing the Swedish Diet will find that they lose weight from the very first week which is a huge incentive to continue till you reach your desired weight.

Coffee Bean Extract

Giving up on a diet is so sad and unfortunately common during a weight loss battle – staying on a diet is essential to succeed and that is how the Swedish Diet helps. 

No doubt, you will have noticed the huge range of weight loss choices for anybody wanting to lose 3 pounds a week.  I have highlighted the Swedish Diet and African Mango for a good reason – both speed up and boost the metabolism while keeping the body in tip top shape.

  • The Swedish Diet gently boosts the metabolism and provides a range of minerals and vitamins.
  • African Mango is another metabolism boosting supplement which speeds up the body’s ability to burn fat.  This fat burning can be increased by exercise.
  • If possible pay attention to a calorie controlled diet while using the Swedish Diet or African Mango for increased weight loss.

By speeding up your metabolism you will find losing weight so much easier, believe me! 

lose 3 pounds a week It is perfectly possible to lose 3 pounds a week with regular cardio, weight training and a calorie controlled diet but if you are not keen on full blown workouts and diets then use metabolism boosting supplements which contain African Mango.

African Mango speeds up your metabolism, increases fat oxidization and energy levels while weight loss takes place.   This combination, while eating a healthy diet, means your body will be kept in a healthy, while you continue to lose 3 pounds a week, week in and week out.

Giving up on a diet is so sad and unfortunately very common during a weight loss battle – staying on a diet is essential to succeed and that is how the Swedish Diet and African Mango helps. 

No doubt, you will have noticed the huge range of weight loss choices for anybody wanting to lose 3 pounds a week. I’ve highlighted the Swedish Diet and African Mango for a good reason – both speed up and boost the metabolism while keeping the body in tip top shape.

Lose 3 Pounds a Week by Eating the Right Foods

The recommended calorie intake for men is 2500 calories and women is 2000 calories a day.  The calories that you take in must come from the right sort of food in order to lose 3 pounds a week and sustain continued weight loss on a weekly basis.

You need to say goodbye to simple carbohydrates in the form of stodgy, greasy, processed foods, sweets, chocolates,cakes, fizzy drinks, alcohol and fast food.  These foods are low in natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals and will convert energy into stored body fat which will go straight onto your hips, stomach, thighs, butt and upper arms.  Repeat bad eating habits on a daily basis and before you know it your weight and fat problem is huge and utterly depressing.

Instead of eating rubbish, try to eat natural and complex carbohydrates.  You can get these from cornmeal, beans, nuts, oats, whole wheat products, root vegetables, brown rice and pasts.  Also eat a good range of vegetables, fruit, lean meat, low fat milk and eggs.  Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.  These foods digest slowly so will give you loads more energy which will be enough for the whole day.  You will find that you will not get as hungry as you used to when you only ate the junk food.

Try to Exercise Regularly 

Whatever your target weight may be, try to still do regular exercise – week in and week out.   The reason for exercising is that your cardio vascular rate (heart rate) will improve and strengthen your heart.

Examples of cardio exercise you can look at would be running, swimming, yoga, cycling and brisk walking.  These all increase your heart rate and burn energy (calories).

However, if you do want to lose 3 pounds a week then ideally you need to do both cardio and strength training and continue to exercising every week thereafter.  This combination of exercise is by far the best exercise to lose fat and weight.

But if you are unable to do regular cardio and weight training exercises then I recommend taking a good metabolism boosting supplement like African Mango and the Swedish Diet range, which will give you the results you want.  This option often suits people who cannot exercise due to ill health or have limited time with too many commitments.

As well as cardio you must also do strength or weight training.   Both cardio and strength training work together to speed up your metabolism and burn body fat.   Strength training builds muscle mass and cardio exercise uses those muscles to burn calories (energy).

If you only rely on cardio exercises to lose weight you will notice that your weight loss rate will start to slow down, though your cardio health will improve.  This is because your muscle mass will start to shrink.

Strength training (weight training) will not build large muscles unless you want it to.  You will not develop large muscles (unless you want them); by selecting a suitable strength training exercise you can control the size of muscle being built by your body.

A positive attitude is also important

Do you have a positive attitude towards your weight loss goals?

I cannot underestimate the importance of the right attitude when you have a target you are trying to reach.  This applies to professional sportsmen, high flying business executives, students and people who are trying to quit bad habits. 
If you really DON’T BELIEVE you’ll succeed, then guess what?  You will NOT succeed!

I have come up with a few easy and simple tips here which will help you to reach your weight loss goal to lose 3 pounds a week.  Check them out:

  • Plan your weight loss strategy, this is easier than it sounds.
  • Organise your meals in advance.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food well.
  • Reward yourself when you reach a target you have set for yourself. (But do not go overboard too much!)

There will be days when you might cheat and eat something fattening.   Don’t worry about that, just move on, tomorrow is another day.  Don’t beat yourself up over it!   Just continue the next meal as normal.


If you do have a bad day then do not stress about it too much.  Try to get back on track as soon as possible and you will quickly re-establish your healthy routine.  This will help you to continue towards your goal to lose 3 pounds a week.


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