Lose Fat Hips And Your Muffin Top

Finding out how to lose fat hips and get rid of your muffin top goes way beyond just wanting to lose fat around your hips and look good.

To put it simply, losing your “Love Handles” or “Muffin Top” will go a long way towards helping you to feel good about yourself.  



Fat hips are not attractive and, unfortunately, not many positive comments are made when a girl with fat bulging over her jeans walks past are there?  Negative comments are demeaning and rude but unfortunately, insensitive people will continue being intolerant of others who look different. 

Learning how to lose fat hips will have a positive impact on more than your appearance. The health advantages of managing to lose fat hips and excess body fat cannot be underestimated.  High levels of body fat can be a serious health risk and can lead to heart disease and other dangerous health problems.   Slimming down your body is without a doubt a good move which will have a positive impact in your whole life.

     Do you always want to look like a muffin top?


Lose fat hips

 …or do you want to look good like this?

 lose fat hips

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Lose Fat Hips and a Flabby Butt – for a Small Cost

Before you start trying to lose fat hips and body fat you must know:

1. Hip fat, saggy stomach muscles and a butt fat is stubborn fat to shift.

2.  You can’t lose fat in one area without it affecting other muscles. Spot fat reduction does not work!

That does not mean that you should stop trying to lose fat hips or an oversized butt!  Loss of excess body fat will improve your appearance and can reduce your risks of developing serious health problems later in life. 

Lose Fat Hips, Flabby Stomach and Your Fat Butt


What Makes the Brazil Butt Lift so Effective?

The Brazil Butt Lift is a popular, proven exercise program which firms slack muscles and gets rid of excess body fat AND is fun to do! too!

Leandro Carvalho’s TriAngle Training method works all major abdominal and buttock muscles.  Leandro’s work outs are fun too – you’re more likely to complete any weightloss program if you are having fun!

The Brazilian dance, cardio, and body sculpting moves will firm your butt, help lose fat hips, flatten your stomach and firm thighs.

Brazil Butt Lift is available in three different kit options:
1.  Base
2.  Plus
3.  Supreme

Does It Work?

Hundreds of overweight women who wanted to lose fat hips and body fat have benefited from the Brazil Butt Lift.  
Read more Brazil Butt Lift reviews here.

“I am on day 3 of BBL and I already have a gap between my thighs and my butt has already lifted A LOT! I can’t believe the results!  I can’t wait to see what I look like after 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12, weeks, and 16 weeks!”
Kristyknucksss, Perrysburg, OH

“When I ordered the Brazilian Butt Lift program I was really cautious about getting too impressed right away. I have done different programs before, taken my pics and then never stuck with the program. This time I decided I would just do the videos, forget the pictures as I didn’t want any pressure. WELL! I wish I would have taken them now! I am just finishing my fourth week and I am so excited about the results! This program is so much fun that I have only missed my workout twice in 4 weeks! That is a record for me as I am a busy mom of four, self employed and running my children to many different sports so I usually find that the first thing to get dropped is my workout schedule. “
Lola, Westport, On

The Brazil Butt Lift is one of the better fat loss systems around and gives consistently good results, however, you must stick to it to see lasting results.  Do not expect instant results after a few days. 

What Is Included?

Base, Plus and Supreme Kits include:
6 workouts for your butt and body:

  1. Basics -Learn Leandro’s butt lifting moves and techniques
  2. Bum Bum – Sculpt your butt and blast fat with lower body moves
  3. High & Tight – Take your butt to new heights
  4. Sculpt -Tighten and tone your muscles from head to toe
  5. Cardio Axe – Dance away the fat with cardio blasting workout
  6. Tummy Tuck -Get flat, sexy abs in no time

PLUS 5 SMART TOOLS to increase your body’s efficiency to burn fat faster.

  1. Booty Makeover Guide. Determine your butt type and workout strategy.
  2. Booty Makeover Calendar. Schedule workouts for lifting YOUR butt type.
  3. Fat-Burning Food Guide. Slim down with this easy-to-follow meal plan.
  4. TriAngle Training Workout Cards. Use them to work out on the go.
  5. Measurement Tracker Card and Tape Measure. Track your sexy progress.

The Plus Kit and Supreme Kits include loads of extra tools.

Please click here for the full details of what is included in the Plus and Supreme kits.

Brazil Butt Lift will make a difference

Base Kit – 3 payments of $19.95 
Plus Kit – 3 payments of $39.90 
Supreme Kit – 3 payments of $58.85 

Single payment option available 

60 day money back guarantee.


With the Brazilian Butt Lift your overall body tone will also improve – I am not talking about just slimming your hips and butt – you will also gain attractive firm breasts, firm upper arms, toned thighs and a flat stomach.

Remember:  any exercise is good for you e.g. brisk walking, running, swimming, rowing, cycling and yoga.  

Eat More Fat Burning Foods  

If you want to lose inches of body fat you must stop eating harmful foods.  Simple fact.   

Eat this food to lose weight which will also help reduce body fat.


Use this Fashion Trick to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top

Wearing tight clothing can create a muffin top.  Try to wear the correct size jeans and a loose top that does not cling to your body and accentuate fat around your bra straps and hips.

In addition, The Wall Street Journal reports that skinny tight jeans can cause health problems.  This happens when the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is compressed and causes pain and numbness in the thighs.

A body shaper such as the Leonisa body shaper can help make you look slimmer

Why do I recommend a body shaper?  Unfortunately, people who don’t exercise when on strict diets will lose muscle tone when they lose large amounts of weight.  The will mean they will have slack muscle tone, with flabby skin.   

A body shaper will help to keep their figure slim and trim, giving you a psychological boost because you will look firm and slim.  Good self esteem will make a huge difference to your well being and give you the confidence to continue with your weight loss and exercising routine. 


Please note:  A body shaper is only a temporary fix and will not solve your weight problem.  A body shaper will visually reduce the appearance of fat hips, hips, thighs, butt and stomach fat.  Remember that you must do the right exercises to firm up your muscles while dieting to lose weight. 

Have you received my FREE report on fat and weight loss?  Sign up below for extra help and advice.

Finally, the sooner you try to lose fat hips and body fat, the sooner you will receive genuine compliments!

Good luck girl! 🙂

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4 Responses to “Lose Fat Hips And Your Muffin Top”

  1. Minky says:

    I really like this! Your photo disgusts me and is what made me change. I have been on Brazil Buttlift for 2mths and can see a change! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Minky
      Sorry I haven’t replied sooner! I have only just noticed our comment.
      Pleased that you are winning on the Butt Lift, it is very popular. I hope by now you are where you want to be?

      Warm wishes


  2. Tammy x says:

    your exercises you mention particularly the bicycle crunch is really new for me. The best part about this is that you use proper graphics to show how to perform this exercise in a proper way. the butt lift is good. I am going to get the body shaper now that I have cut out fatty and fast foods.

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