Losing thigh fat and gaining slim legs

Losing thigh fat is another very common fatloss target which many women want to achieve.

The great news is that losing thigh fat is a goal which is definitely achievable, however, it can be hard work depending on how much thigh  fat you need to lose.  But, there are many excellent ways which you can slim down your thighs and legs and many of these ways are good fun too.


Before I get started on the many ways for losing thigh fat I need you to understand that you cannot lose fat from only one area of your body – that just will not happen!

When you start exercising and eating a calorie controlled diet to try to lose body fat and weight, you will find that you will lose fat from many areas of your body NOT only your “problem” area.  However, if you are honest with yourself you will know that you probably have far too much body fat over your whole body anyway, don’t you?  For example, if you want to lose your a fat stomach then exercising will also help you to firm up your flabby butt and thighs too.  That will mean losing a few inches of body fat (while you slim down your thighs) should not be a problem for you?

Why Losing Thigh Fat can be Difficult

Another point I need to make is that there can be different reasons why losing thigh fat can be difficult for many woman.

The difficulties can be normally due to one of the following factors listed below:

Genes: the body shape we inherited from our parents might make losing thigh fat more difficult.  At the end of the day, genes control our body shape.

Inactivity: women tend to do less exercise than men and not exercising enough makes body fat (including thigh fat) more difficult to lose.

Female and male bodies store fat in different areas:  Women tend to store fat on their hips, thighs and buttocks whereas men store fat around their abdomen.  These large areas with fat deposits will disappear but only after fat has been used up from your other fat areas. 

Hormones: Higher levels of estrogen is linked to larger hips and fat thighs.  That is why menopausal women can have weight problems and find losing thigh fat a challenge compared to when they were younger.  During the menopause many women don’t exercise enough which can cause other healthy concerns.

Losing thigh fat by Exercising

losing thigh fatIdeally, for losing thigh fat, you should try to do both aerobic/cardio exercise and strength training.  

Examples of aerobic/cardio exercise is running, swimming, dancing, rowing and brisk walking.  

Strength training is lifting weights and using resistance machines and exercises such as walkers which can be found at gyms.

If you haven’t done much exercising in the past then I recommend you start with walking.  

Walking is an excellent safe form of cardio exercise to start off with and will help to start burn off calories if done regularly.  You can walk either outdoors or in a gym on a treadmill (walking) machine.  Ideally, try to do aerobic exercise 5 times a week for 30 – 45 minutes.

Tip:  When you start any form of exercise you must be motivated and enjoy yourself! If you get bored you will not stick to it. I know for sure that this is the case with me.

This is why I recommend you start an exercise and diet program which is enjoyable and targets your specific problem areas.  

Thin Thighs has been put together especially for fat thighs and legs.   The good news is that Thin Thighs will also help women to lose fat and firm up the butt, hips and stomach, however, best results will be seen with thigh fat. 🙂


Thin Thighs has changed my life!

“I’ve gone from a size 24-26 to a size 16. My health has dramatically improved. My blood pressure is in the normal range, the fibroids are no longer obvious (before I could easily feel them) and my menstrual cycles are now regular. Food has its proper place and I have a better perspective and richer understanding about my future and myself. I still have 57 pounds to lose but I know that will happen. I am thrilled with my current success…”

– Gaylen B.

losing thigh fat

To read more positive testimonials and information on Thin Thighs click here.  

Some women find that after dieting their muscles become slack and flabby.  Why did this happen?  The reason for this is that many pounds of weight has been lost from dieting without doing enough exercises to firm their muscles!  

I cannot stress enough how important it is to exercise while you are on a diet.  However, it’s never too late to start exercising even if your muscles feel slack and flabby!  Start off by walking a few miles every day, then gradually increase your distance.  

Unfortunately, when some women lose large amounts of weight their stretched skin cannot spring back to it’s original size because the skin has lost it’s elasticity after being stretched for so long.  Exercising can help to a certain extent, however, the skin will never be able to spring back to it’s original youthful size and shape due to aging. 

Surgery is Not Necessary 


A pretty body shaper will help to control any sagging skin making you look slim, trim and attractive and is an easier and safer alternative to cosmetic surgury.  

Unfortunately, some people have apronectomy surgery to cut away the lose skin around their tummy, thighs and butt. This is a serious decision and involves a lengthy stay in hospital.  First speak to a reputable plastic surgeon before embarking on this procedure.


Don’t Forget Strength Weight Training

Strength training will increase your muscle mass which is essential for burning body fat efficiently.  Women mustn’t be worried that they will end up huge and muscular, that will not happen!

You are wondering how this can happen?  
While doing cardio aerobic exercises your fat reserves will be burnt by the muscles you have built during strength training using gym machines and weights.  So as you can see, this relationship between cardio aerobic exercise and strength training is essential for you to burn calories quickly and use up excess fat deposits.

Eat Healthy Foods for Quicker Results

For losing thigh fat and excess body fat it is important to also eat healthy foods as well as doing regular exercises.  If you eat rubbish which is high in calories you must remember that you will have to do even more exercise so that you don’t gain weight and regain your body fat which you’ve managed to lose.  
Exercising for hours on end without watching what you eat can result in you becoming demotivated because you’re not seeing the results you want quick enough.  

This is what you must do:

  • Cut out: fried, greasy food, alcohol, cola drinks, white sugar, white bread, cakes and cookies, fast food and fatty, processed meals.
  • Eat more: low fat dairy, green leafy vegetables, salads, fruit, eggs, nuts, beans, whole grain foods and lean meat.
  • Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day.  This excludes other fluid like fruit juices or tea which you can drink during the day.

Changes to your diet need not be too strict to maintain your good looks.  Have a look at the calorie guide below which shows how many calories men and women should take in per day.

A good program which targets large thighs, such as Thin Thighs – which guides you through the right exercises and food to lose weight especially for losing thigh fat, will start to shift the layers of thigh fat without you needing to go on a difficult and damaging *starvation diet.

* By the way, I do not recommend starvation diets, they are extremely damaging and are a very big NO!


Recommended calorie intake for losing thigh fat

Life can be so much sweeter if you start to make the changes now so what is holding you back?  😉  

If you exercise regularly and apply simple changes to your diet, you will feel 100% better.  You will also sleep better, your body will function more efficiently and as well as losing thigh fat you will also lose the extra body fat which you’ve been carrying around for so long!

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