Tips For Losing Weight After 50


Difficulty with losing weight after 50 is a real pain I’m sure you’ll agree?

I’d found that my metabolism slowed right down when I turned 50.

Unfortunately, that meant that my weight also increased. I know I’m not alone because this is a common boomer complaint which shouldn’t be ignored because gaining too much weight can cause serious health problems.

…but hey, there is good news!  

Research shows that us boomers are not the same as our parents were in their 50’s.  

Modern baby boomers are more conscious of our health and appearance than our parents did at the same age. But then, it’s not surprising is it?

Some of today’s boomers may have been flower people from the 60’s or cool rock ‘n rollers…many may now be aging Vietnam veterans and we value and salute you guys!   We also remember when the world was a very different place … and our bodies were lovely and attractive, youthful and firm!

We’re the people who helped to shape today’s world as we now know it and we are not faint-hearted are we? So why do some of the challenges of getting older cause many of us so much trouble?

Having Problems Losing Weight after 50?

Many people have problems with losing weight after 50 and getting older.  

There is no denying that physical changes do take place such as hearing loss, poor muscle tone, erectile dysfunction and thinning hair – just to name a few…   😥

  • Are you chubbier than you used to be?
  • Do you now put on weight easier than you used to?
  • Have you noticed new aches and pains which weren’t there before?
  • Are new wrinkles getting you down?
  • Do your muscles feel flabby?
  • Do you get depressed about being a “senior”?

Did you know that after the age of 30 your metabolism starts to slow down by 2% per decade?  That means when you reach 50 your metabolism will naturally slow down to a level which causes you to easily gain weight. 

To make the problem worse, menopausal women may find their hormones play havoc with their health and weight.  Regular, gentle exercise such as yoga will give menopausal women a greater sense of well being, confidence and relief from their annoying menopausal symptoms.

losing weight after 50


I’m now over 55 and have good days and bad days but I try to not let getting older get me down and the my life is now awesome.  

I have found that success with losing weight after 50 has had a huge positive impact on the quality of my life. I meditate and exercise regularly.  

I’m winning and as a fellow boomer you can also achieve the same! 🙂  

Is Success with Losing Weight After 50 in the Mind?

I’ve found that dealing with the aging process was in my mind and succeeding with losing weight after 50 is right up there with all the other events we all have to grapple with when we get older.  

I know there are real changes that have taken place but if you believe that you’re too old to enjoy a fulfilled life then that is exactly what will happen! 

  • You won’t feel or look attractive
  • You won’t enjoy good health
  • You’ll end up dissatisfied and very unhappy

There are positive steps you can take to slow down the effects of aging. Getting older does not mean you have to suffer from losing weight after 50 ill health, aches and pains, remain overweight and feel unattractive.

Boomers will find aging far easier when they accept the natural aging process and don’t get obsessed with trying to maintain the looks of their youth.  There is nothing more aging (and sad) than a boomer trying to look like a 20-something…   😥

If you want to keep healthy and fit and not develop many diseases associated with old age, then start now.

My 3 Important steps for losing weight after 50, keeping fit and enjoying good health:

  1. Speed up your sluggish metabolism.  I’ve found yoga is an excellent, gentle form of exercise which is perfect for losing weight after 50.  
  2. Eat the right foods.  This is essential to maintain a healthy body and is particularly important for us over 50’s. Taking a good vitamin and mineral supplement can also help to keep you in peak health.
  3. Keep your mind active.  Keep exercising your brain with puzzles, reading and learning new skills.  I meditate every day and find that helps to keep me sharp!   

Remember, the sooner you start to tackle your weight problem the sooner you will enjoy a healthy, happy old age!

I Recommend Yoga to Over 50’s  

As a slim boomer I’m often asked for the best exercise to lose fat and ways to boost energy.  There are many energetic workout programs around but they aren’t all suitable for over 50’s.  I usually recommend yoga for over 50’s because it’s gentle and doesn’t cause injury.   

The Benefits of yoga:
  • Yoga does not strain the muscles and skeletal frame so injuries are rarely suffered.  
  • Yoga helps to reduce stress, improves aerobic ability, helps with sleep problems, improves stamina and flexibility, gets rid of aches and pains and increases muscle tone.
  • Yoga is very easy to learn and suits anybody, irrespective of your fitness levels. 
  • Yoga has been shown to be beneficial in helping to control high blood pressure.
  • Yoga can also help to improve your sex life too!   😉
  • Cortisol (which is also known as the “aging hormone”) is produced by the body when it is under stress.  Cortisol production can be controlled by practicing yoga regularly.  
    Unfortunately, stress makes us look older too.  As if that is not bad enough, cortisol also damages the genes at a cellular level and is not good news for overall health and well-being.

2 yoga programs which will help you cope with aging:

What Else Can You Do to Lose Weight?

Any form of exercise is helpful for losing weight after 50 such as brisk walking, cycling, swimming, rowing, dancing and gardening.  In fact, you can do any exercise which speeds up your metabolism, helps to firm and tone your muscles and reduces body fat.

Eating healthy foods also helps but, unfortunately, many people think that they must starve themselves to lose weight.  This is not true!

Starvation diets are not only dangerous but can also make you look older because cortisol (the stress hormone) will be produced which will make your skin sag and your wrinkles will be more noticeable!  🙁

Avoid eating too many fatty foods, alcohol, candy and pastries.  Eat more vegetables, fruit, low fat milk, lean meat, nuts, beans and fiber.

Read more about the best food to lose weight which will also help you to lose weight after 50 and the years beyond.  

This tip will cure your aches and pains

Have you noticed a few aches and pains which didn’t use to be there?

This simple solution will bring rapid relief…

Throw a cupful of Epsom Salts into your bath. Lie back and relax in the hot water…

Aaah! Sheer bliss…

The magnesium sulfate will sooth your aching muscles by helping to expel the lactic acid from your muscles.

Try this a healthy, safe way to cope with stiff muscles if you’ve been a lazy slug and haven’t exercised for awhile…

Woohoo fellow boomers!  Remember, we’re all on a one way ticket so take positive steps now towards losing weight after 50 and enjoy life!

This is how to get rid of arm fat.

4 Responses to “Tips For Losing Weight After 50”

  1. Laverne Wallis says:

    I think being honest and realistic about weight loss goals the first step towards losing any weight. I bought your yoga program because I do not want to look like a beach babe. For heavens sake, I am 58! This yoga program is great, just what I need! Thanks!

    • admin says:

      hi Laverne

      Yes, honesty is important but even more important is being realistic!
      You seem to have hit on the right answer with this yoga exercise.
      Pleased you are winning!

      Warm wishes


  2. Monica Jermaine says:

    helpful info, its real hard getting my weight down now.

    I like yoga advice, I tried yoga years ago so reckon its time to start yoga again!

    BTW…are you going to be giving more boomer weightloss tips?


    • admin says:

      HI Monica.
      Yes, I will be adding more tips for losing weight after 50. Boomers are not passive like in the old days, they want to keep fit and good looking and why not, I ask? You can’t go wrong with this yoga program, it’s safe which is particularly important if you haven’t exercised for awhile yet it WILL give you a good workout and stretch those muscles!
      Enjoy yourself!

      Warm wishes


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