Reduce Double Chin Fat With These Steps

If you’re trying to reduce double chin fat then you’re certainly not alone.

Anybody with an unattractive double chin will NOT feel or look attractive!  A chubby neckline is one beauty problem which causes concern for many people particularly women. 

Don’t think that this problem is restricted to just women…men are also very self conscious when they start to develop a chubby neckline. 

I know how you feel because I have been where you are now.

When I first started to develop a chubby double chin I ignored it.  I had youth on my side and just figured it would go by itself…

…But, of course, my plump neck did not slim down by itself! In fact, it just hung in there below my face and I got more depressed as the years went by.

I’ve always tried to take care of myself so I decided to find out as much as possible about how to reduce double chin fat naturally without surgery.   Is it vanity?  Yes, I suppose it is…!

I’ve looked into the many methods which other people have used to successfully reduce double chin fat and I now know that there are methods which will slim a fat, sagging neckline.   

This Is What I’ve Discovered:

Just look around you, double chins are very common.  The main reasons for developing a fat, double chin can be due to:

reduce double chin fat – The aging process – the menopause for example

 – A genetic predisposition – perhaps you’ve inherited your double chin fat from your parents?

 – Being overweight with excess fat around your neck will make your neckline look chubby.

 – Water retention can cause a double chin.

 – Losing excess body fat can cause sagging skin around your jaw line

You don’t care about WHY you’ve got a fat, double chin, do you? You just want to get rid of it!

Women, in particular, get more upset about developing a sagging double chin because, let’s face it, this is not particularly attractive is it?

Try This to Reduce Double Chin Fat 

The key to being able to effectively reduce double chin fat and gain a slim, attractive neckline is to act as early as possible.   

Many women go to great lengths, including surgery, to firm up slack muscles or lose excess fat.  It’s important to remember that cosmetic surgery does not last for ever … eventually gravity and time will take over!

That brings me to the important fact that it is not necessary to go to such drastic lengths to lose a double chin.  

I have reviewed two effective neck firming options which work very well.  Both methods should be started as soon as double chin fat develops and then used regularly thereafter for optimum results. 

The Neckline Slimmer

A neat little aid for slimming down double chin fat is the Neckline Slimmer.

The Neckline Slimmer contains a spring mechanism which firms the neck muscles by creating resistance when the neck muscles are exercised using the machine.

The Neckline Slimmer is very easy to use, it is silent, discreet and an inexpensive solution for anybody on a restricted budget, who is looking for an effective solution to sagging neck muscles.

The neckline slimmer can be used at home without anybody knowing you use it!

In my opinion, this Neckline Slimmer is a great, inexpensive solution to an unflattering double chin.

The Velform Chin Wrap

The Velform Chin Wrap is a neck firming system which uses cloth wraps together with a rich neck cream.  

The Velform Chin Wrap is normally worn at night or when you are relaxing at home.  

The wrap is also effective for firming and toning sagging neck muscles to reduce the appearance of an unflattering “chicken neck”.

The Velform Wrap system comes with full instructions on how to use the system as well as the fat reducing cream and wraps.  

You will find that the neck cream will also soften your skin in the neckline area.  


reduce double chin fat

 If possible, I recommend using both the Neckline Slimmer and the Velform Wrap system to maintain the elasticity of the neck muscles.


Please Note:  The methods above will reduce double chin fat if started early and will help stop neck muscles from deteriorating.  

If you have young daughters do them a huge favor by recommending they start neck exercises while still young!

I recommend anybody starts a targeted treatment to reduce double chin fat and an aging neckline as soon as possible.

Other Ways to Reduce Double Chin Fat:

Eating healthy foods is a practical step you can take to reduce double chin fat and keep your body and skin in peak condition.

  • Eating a healthy diet will help to improve your skin, hair, nails, eyes and muscle tone. 
  • Healthy foods will help you to maintain a healthy weight and stop fat being deposited around the neck area. Start to do this by cutting out bad carbohydrates and replace them with good carbohydrates.
  • Bad carbohydrates are found in white bread, refined foods, puddings, candy, cakes and sugary drinks.  Bad carbs contribute to many health problems like depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity – these really are the bad guys!

To lose your fat, double chin you need to cut down on bad carbs AND start to exercise regularly and look after yourself.

  • Good carbohydrates will help you to lose weight.  Eat a wide variety of vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and legumes, whole grain foods, fruit (particularly citrus) and low fat dairy products.  These foods will also boost your metabolism and energy levels.
  • Calcium from low fat dairy products is an effective fat fighter.  Studies have shown that people who have at least 3 servings of low fat dairy a day lose more weight than those who don’t eat low fat dairy foods.
  • Unsaturated fats found in salmon, nuts, beans, olive oil speed up the metabolism and stop hunger pangs.
  • Do cardio and strength training to lose excess body fat including around your chin area.  Lack of exercise causes slack muscle tone and water retention.

What would you sooner look like?

reduce double chin fat

Try These Toning Facial Exercises:

This easy exercise may help you reduce double chin fat and firm your face muscles.

  • Place your thumb pads, one in front of the other, resting under your chin, fingers resting against your jawbone.
  • As you press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, press and slide your thumbs, alternately, from front (directly under the chin) to the back (to where the chin meets the neck), making a rhythm of one thumb slide for every tongue press.
  • Repeat 40 times

Do this exercise regularly – you cannot expect to reduce double chin fat if you only exercise occasionally. 

Is Water Retention Your Problem?

Perhaps water retention is the reason you have a double chin?

If your body is retaining water you may find you get bloated.  Bad carbs and salt will cause a sluggish lymphatic system.  When this happens your muscles and fat deposits will hold onto excess water which can make you look overweight and bloated.

To combat water retention, drink 8 – 10 glasses of water a day. This will help to reduce double chin fat if water retention is the cause of your chubby neckline.  

Minimize Your Double Chin

  • Don’t wear high necked clothing.  Instead, wear open necked tops which do not end near the neck area.
  • Don’t wear tight necklaces or chokers.  These only accentuate a double chin.
  • Keep your hairstyle short and above your chin area or longer than your chin level.  If your hair is at the same height as your chin it will draw attention to your chubby neck area.
  • Visit your doctor if you are retaining fluid and cannot get rid of it yourself.
  • Improve your posture and stand up straight.
  • Your neck will look more elegant and slim if you hold your head high.  This will help minimize lumpy areas of neck fat which are accentuated when slouching.
  • Learn easy, clever tricks with make-up using concealer and shading to define your jaw and slim down your neckline.  

HINT:  First practice makeup shading at home so you perfect the technique and don’t look like a clown.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive surgery to improve your appearance of your chin area.

So to prepare yourself for pleasing compliments you should start as soon as possible to reduce double chin fat and firm up your neck area.

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4 Responses to “Reduce Double Chin Fat With These Steps”

  1. Ingrid says:

    Just to let you know I went and got the neckline slimmer and already feel firmer and think I LOOK firmer.
    I wasnt expecting miracles but Im real pleased! thanks =).

    • admin says:

      Great Ingrid I’m really pleased you are winning.

      Just remember that with any exercise you must do it regularly!

      Warm wishes


  2. Annelise Wagner says:

    Thanks for an informative article. I have been using the neckline slimmer since Thanksgiving and I am real happy with the results. Annelise

    • admin says:

      Hi Annelise

      Thanks for the message.

      I am pleased you have had good results with the neck firmer. Please remember, the key to continued success is regular use.

      Warm wishes


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